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Miniature Pinscher: Clothings and Accessories shipping to USA and Canada
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The Online Shop with the most fashion accessories for dogs, leader in Italy, now available for USA and Canada

Most Popular
  • Bow Tie for Large Dogs
  • Bow Tie for Dogs
  • Shoulder Bag with Pocket for Dogs up to 15 kg
  • Green Raincoat for Big Sized Dogs
  • Santa Costume for Dog
  • Grey Hoodies for Big Dogs
  • Green Camouflage Sweatshirt for Large Size Dogs
  • Tuxedo for Large Dogs
  • Black Hoodie for Large Dogs
  • Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg
  • Red Sweatshirt for Big Dogs
  • Red Raincoat for Large Dog
  • Pink Sleeveless Jacket for large size dogs
  • Gray Dog Sweatshirt
  • Gray Shoulder Bag for Small Dogs
Miniature Pinscher: Clothings and Accessories
  • Gray Shoulder Bag for Small Dogs
    Soft shoulder bag to carry your little friend with you, perfect for those having a small sized dog (max 5 kg), just like chihuahua, maltese, poodle
    Details € 34,00
  • Dress for Little Dogs London Chic
    Dress for Little Dogs London Chic: pink dog suit with tartan skirt, from our Fall/Winter collection of fashion for Dogs; it's warm and elegant
    Details € 24,00
  • Velvety Purple Hoodie for Small Dogs
    Purple Hoodie for Small Dogs, very soft and velvety on the outside, the inside is made in cotton; hood of this hoodie adjustable by strings
    Details € 24,00
  • Dog Tuxedo
    If you're looking for a dinner jacket, or a Tuxedo for your dog, this is the clothing you were looking for; black with white collar and red bow tie
    Details € 22,00

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