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Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg shipping to USA and Canada
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The Online Shop with the most fashion accessories for dogs, leader in Italy, now available for USA and Canada

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Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg

Published in the category Dog Carriers > Shoulder Bags for Dogs
Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg
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Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kgCheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg

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Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg
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Shoulder Bag for dogs, guaranteed to carry a dog with a max weight of 15 Kg.
This is the cheap version of the should bag for dogs listed here: shoulder-bag-for-dogs-up-to-15-kg.htm
The difference is in the material: this version is in 100% polyester (instead of cotton).

It's very nice, made of 100% polyester, and is certainly useful in many situations:

  • for example, for puppies which did not complete all the vaccines, and that are not reccommended by the veterinarians to walk (and come in touch with germs).
  • for dogs of small size in overcrowded situations, where they may be walked on (e.g. shopping malls, markets, ...)
  • for old dogs, or dogs with problems on the legs, or disabled

This shoulder bag can be adjusted in length and has a safety lock and a hook inside.

Made of 100% cotton canvas, can be used for different kind of animals, puppies and small or medium sized dogs, or cats, rabbits, ...
There's only one rule: the weight does not exceed 15 kg.
Made in just one size, can be machine washed at 40 degrees.

The advantage of a pet shoulder bag like this, resistant up to 15 kg, is also to be able to carry two dogs simultaneously.

Some basic rules for the use of this shoulder bag:

  • always lock the dog with the hook inside
  • do not use the shoulder bag under the jacket: the dog could not breath properly
  • do not use it on a bicycle or while running: a shift of the dog, (especially if it's a medium sized), could have an impact on your balance
  • in case you use it to carry dachshunds, remember to put them always with their back facing down, to prevent any spinal problems

View photos, with examples of small and medium dogs or more dogs on this shoulder bag.

It 'available in just one color:

If you have any doubt about the size to take for your dog, do not hesitate to contact us via email

IMPORTANT: measure your dog with a tape measure and check the most appropriate size in the table.

Please refer primarily to CHEST SIZE: if you take an apparel too tight on chest, your dog will not be comfortable with it

The clothings shown on our website come from different factories, and there is no single standard for sizes of dog clothings. Please check your size in the table below for each different item you want to purchase.

Buy Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg
Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg

Cheap Shoulder Bag for Dogs up to 15 kg

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